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Padrão Ortopédico was recognized has an American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists affiliate.

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Patient's testimony that fills our team with pride in what we do:


“My name is Michael, I am 38 years old, and from the UK. I was born with a congenital condition that affects my right arm and lower right limb. I have worn a prosthetic leg since the first one was made for me when I turned 6 months old. I have had one since I learned how to crawl and before I learned to walk. I don't know anything different. In the beginning, it felt as close to a seamless extension of carbon fibre to human skin as is possible. I was able to live a normal, active and happy childhood. I did all the things young children do. I ran, swam and played every kind of sport you can think of; Football, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, Sailing, Kayaking, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis and Fencing, where I competed at county and regional level in the UK and was captain of my club and school. I was fit, healthy and happy. 


Due to my fairy unique congenital disorder, I always needed a specific and customised prosthetic. As I grew older and heavier during my early 20s I began to slowly and gradually notice problems and challenges. I would feel pain and soreness in places I hadn't imagined or thought I ever would. For the first time I felt disabled, vulnerable, weak and scared. I didn't know how to communicate this or ask for help, as I'd always coped by pretending or focusing on what I could do, and not what I couldn't. This was starting to become more prevalent. My family and friends started to notice and worry but I ignored them, trying to act like superman. Sometimes I even fooled myself into thinking I was, but even Superman is affected by kryptonite. Mine was my stubbornness and failing to acknowledge what was happening to me.


As I became less active, no longer playing sport, walking less, being able to do less, I began to drink more and eat more. It was a way of coping with my anxiety and stress. Ironically, I was causing more damage by putting on weight. I felt lost, and that there was no way out.

I eventually sought help and after many failed attempts with different consultants and prosthetic centres, I had a prosthetic made in 2011 that at the time felt life changing, perfect and magical. But after a couple of years I felt I was back at square one, I had lost faith and trust in my consultant. I felt misunderstood, frustrated, angry and confused


This continued for a number of years and I tried different consultants in Madrid and Portugal, where I now live. By Christmas of 2020 I was at my worst point and hit rock bottom. I knew I had to take drastic action. I got myself mentally and physically fit, by losing weight, not drinking alcohol, and having psychotherapy sessions as I was considering amputation. My thought process being that as a "normal" amputee, I would have access to more off the shelf products, and it would be easier to fix my situation.


Thankfully, I saw a surgeon in Lisbon, who convinced me it was a bad idea, and that my lack of muscle mass and skin would make it hard to guarantee a successful amputation, whatever that means. Around the same time, my beautiful and amazing wife, Roxy, had found a company in Porto called AdaptTech. They are a startup that seemed to have a solution using technology that would enable their partner prosthetic centre, to detect pressure points in real-time, using motion sensors and a wearable device. I eventually contacted them after Roxy had already spoken with their CEO, and finally re-started the process on 16th April 2021, by driving to Porto from Lisbon to meet with Padrão Ortopédico's  Pedro Maia. Pedro was the consultant recommended to us, that was already starting to use AdapTech's technology with patients.


Pedro and his team met with us that Friday afternoon and immediately made us feel calm, relaxed and reassured. They took the time to really listen to my whole story, how desperate, frustrated and unhappy I was, and that I just wanted a prosthetic that could work and help me walk pain free again.


Pedro really listened. Being a good listener is one of life’s most underrated qualities. Any professional, expert or leader in their field, has got to their position at the top by knowing how to listen, assume nothing, and solve problems. They can make the hardest and most complicated problem seem so simple to resolve. It is an art.


After eleven years of multiple failed attempts and frustration, it took Pedro and his team just six weeks, and two, three day visits, to make me the best prosthetic I have ever had. Words cannot describe how happy and grateful I am. It was a privilege to work with Pedro, the team at Padrão Ortopédico and AdapTech. They made everything easy, simple and fun. When at times things didn’t go perfectly, which in itself is impossible anyway, they never wavered. I always felt they had my back and we would achieve the result we wanted. I can now look into the future with hope, joy and happiness. To live a life with pain is not a life worth living. If you have been recently amputated, or have gone through a similar journey to mine, and are suffering, don’t panic. Whether you live down the road from Pedro in Tondela, or in Timbuktu, if you have the means, visit them. I promise you won’t regret it. They will change your life, just like they changed mine.


By Michael Heron”

1st Flexible Coverage in 3D

In the constant search to improve, innovate, the characteristics of our prostheses and their differentiation, we are pleased to announce the first complete 3D arm coverage with a passive hand, a tubular structure and a flexible elbow cover. See the result.